The easiest way to get to Carol's Studio is to approach it on the N11 from Dublin going South towards Bray and Wexford, access to Shanganagh Vale is only possible from the southbound side of the N11. Landmarks to guide you on the way from Dublin are the numerous pedestrian footbridges spanning the roadway on the way. There is one at Foxrock Church (the church will be on your left), followed further on (1.2km) by another one at Cornelscourt Dunne's Stores (which will be on the right), followed on (1km) by another one, a long arched pedestrian footbridge spanning the roadway. You will see this footbridge in the distance straight ahead once you have passed Dunnes.

There are traffic lights at all these landmarks. Prepare to leave the N11 after going under this pedestrian footbridge. As you continue on you will see an Esso petrol station on either side of the road. Almost immediately after the Esso station on your side, is a lane and then a short distance on, the left hand turn into Shanganagh Vale, you should see the signage.

Keep to the left as you enter the Estate, the road does have a junction to the right - ignore it. The road curves and ends up in a cul-de-sac. Carol's Studio is behind the house facing you at the end of the road. The Studio is well signposted.
If you are approaching from the South on the N11 going towards Dublin, stay straight on it as it merges with the M50. Continue on around the roundabout and then past St. Columcille's Hospital on your left. Later on you will drive under a large flyover. As you approach the two Esso Stations on the left and right, immediately prepare to leave your side of the roadway on your right. You will see the road widen to accommodate a slipway to allow you to do so. Exit on to the southbound side of the roadway (U- turn) and follow directions as above from the Esso station. If you have to reach the area by the M50, exit at Junction 16 (Cherrywood junction), on the map above it is marked Rathmichael.. Follow the signs and directions back left towards Dublin. You will enter the N11 and should take up position in the outside lane, then follow the directions as described above.